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2015 AIR Gruening - boy scout camp
2015 AIR Gruening - Fall Weather
2015 AIR Gruening - Foggy Day
2015 AIR Gruening - Incoming Tide
2015 AIR Gruening Sun touching Chilkats
2015 AIR Gruening Sun Touching Chilkats 2
2015 Jubilee Tree
2015 SE Surrender # xx - Point Retreat
2015 SE Surrender #xx
2015 SE Surrender #xx rain
2015 SE Surrender - south side portland island
2015 Submerged
AIR Gruening - A study in change and movement during the shoulder season
AIR Gruening - Amalga  Rocks at Low Tide
AIR Gruening - an exquisite moment
AIR Gruening - Fall Afternoon at Peterson Creek: brilliance of autumn leaves
AIR Gruening - Fall Morning at Peterson Creek: Still in the Shadows
AIR Gruening - Fog and Rain
AIR Gruening Still Life with fruit and garlic
Day at Jensen Arboretum
Evolution of Flowers #15 - blooming
Evolution of Flowers #16 - March
fishing in fog
glacial highway
Hoar Frost Dance
Jubilee Tree
Late Blooming Purple Peonies at Jensens Arboretum
mendenhall floaters
Morning at Sandy Beach
october wind
Ratatouille Still Life
sailboat races on gastineau
SE Surrender - Lincoln Island
spring skunks in blue
spring skunks in red
trunks+limbs#1 (summer)
trunks+limbs#2 (winter)
winter morning at the breakwater